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About AQS Quoting Software

Here at AQS, we take pride in the quality of our coding and design ensuring the ease-of-use and consistent performance for our end-users: you! We develop our software hand-in-hand with current agents giving us a unique perspective and insight into the needs of your agency at every point of the development cycle. Intuitive design and a simplistic approach gives you quoting software that you can rely on. Our support staff are not only here to assist you every step of the way, but are also actively involved in the development of our products. That means, when you are talking to one of the support staff, you are talking to an active member of our software development team.

Our quoting software consists of applications designed specifically for your Alliance system and each product type. This includes dependable software for Auto, Homeowners, Landlords and Condo quoting. The software works with data from AQS as well as other vendors. There is no limit to the number of quotes you can run, so you do not need to worry about hidden/additional costs.

AQS is a member of the Allstate Select Vendor Program

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